Your Listing

Your listing is a representation of yourself as a professional. A listing is a representation of your skills and experience. Clients will request your services through your listing.

What type of listing should i create?

Shift'M offers full and part time listing types. If you are looking for part time work then you create a listing for part time. If you also want to list yourself for full time work, then you can create a listing for full time as well.

What information is required for a listing?

Our listing process is split into 3 steps.

Step 1:

  • Where you reside - this is important for clients who are client for a locum that is nearby
  • Registration details - we ask you for information relating to your registrations with professional body. This is used to verify that you are allowed to practice as a healthcare professional
  • Experience - how long have you been working? What qualifications do you have? What are your specialities.

Step 2:

  • Provide a description for your listing
  • Upload a profile picture of yourself
  • Describe some basic conditions

Step 3:

  • Set the dates and times you want to work
  • Set your profession
  • Set your hourly rate

What if i can practice as 2 different professions?

You can create a listing for each profession you can work as. For instance, if you're a Doctor who specialises and you function as a General Practitioner, then you can create a listing for both of these professions, as clients will be searching for you based on their profession.

Tutorial: Create your listing