Can I change the any currency on Shift'M?

Yes. At the top right corner of the menu you can change the currency. The current currency will be shown. Click the name and you can change to your desired currency.

Can I pay with any currency?

When you enter your payment information, you can choose to pay with one of the various currencies we support. You can also change your default currency at any time by changing currency on one of the pages where the currency selector is available. Depending on your selected payment method, there may be some currencies that will not be available.

Can I choose my payout currency?

The currency you’re paid in is based on the country and method you selected when you first added your payout method. This can be different from the local currency of your listing. You cannot change a payout method’s currency once you’ve added it, but you can set up a new payout method in a different currency at any time.

Exchange rates and currency conversion

We will display prices on Shift'M in the currency you select. If you choose to change the currency at any point while booking, we will display the price in the new currency you select.

Bookings will be completed with the displayed price and currency as selected by you.

If you choose to make or receive payments in a currency different from the designated currency of your payment method, your credit or bank card issuer may apply a currency conversion rate or fees to your payment. Please contact your bank or credit card issuer to learn more about what fees may apply. Shift'M is not responsible for these fees.

Cross-border fees

If extra fees appear on your bank statement, or the amount charged differs from what appeared on the Shift'M checkout page, contact your credit or bank card issuer. If your bank considers Shift'M processing entity as international, you may be charged cross-border fees by your bank even if the charge was processed in the original currency of your payment method. If the fees were added by your card-issuing bank, Shift'M can't refund them.