The gloassary contains common terms and their definitions.

Accepted Booking

Accepted Booking is the Transaction or agreement concluded between a Client and Locum for the provision of their services to the Client.

Amended Booking

Amended Booking is used when Client and Locum wish to alter terms of a Booking, once a Booking has been Accepted.


Booking in Shift’M terminology means a Transaction related to or for services agreed to between Locum and Client. It represents an agreement between a Client and Locum(s) for their time and service.


Cancellation is a request to cancel a Booking and can be initiated by either Client or Locum. Either Locum or Client may cancel a Booking for any reason but are subject to the cancellation policy.


Client is a registered Shift’M user who search and transacts through their access and makes use of the Shift’M platform to book a locum. Any user on the system can operate as a client and/or a locum.


Feedback refers to Reviews and Ratings made by any user (Client, Locum or Platform).

Instant Bookings

Instant Bookings are Bookings placed by Clients where the Locum has enabled the Client to place a Booking for their Services without any negotiation required. This function allows for very fast and effective placing and accepting of Bookings!


Listing refers to user creating a profile which can be searched by Clients on the platform. A listing is specific to an industry job title where users can list their experience, rates and availability.


Locums are healthcare professionals who create listings on the platform with specific rates and availability.

Managing Services

Messaging service enables Clients and Locums to clarify items and issues related to the Booking before or during a Booking.

Payment Fees

Payment fees are the fees charged by Shift’M to Clients and Locums for use of the platform.


Payouts are the monies earned by a Locum, paid by Clients, for Completed Bookings/Shifts and are paid to Locums via a payment provider.


Ratings are 1 – 5 Shift’M Stars service to indicate your satisfaction with your interaction with another user on the platform.

Response time

Response time is the average response time based on the last 30 days of your activity.


Reviews Clients and Locums provide Reviews by commenting on their overall Booking experience.


Shifts are specific dates relating to a Booking. A booking can consist of multiple shifts, over a period of time. Shift's are scheduled times the locum is to work.

Shift’M User Protection Policy

Shift’M User Protection Policy describes Shift’M’s efforts to keep user information private and secure.


Transactions Locums sell their professional services and time to Clients in transactions called Bookings.

References to singular may include plural and references to masculine may include feminine and vice versa.